The Journey from White Collar Professional to Stay at Home Dad to T-Shirt Designer

    Our story began with a new job in a new state and a new baby to boot. To top it off, mom was now the bread winner and working full-time, and I found myself wearing the label of "stay-at-home" dad, a label I have learned to love.

    The next chapter focuses on baby clothes. We had lots and lots of "cute" baby gear for our son, but over the course of the first few months, I found myself wanting to dress him in something other than duckies and doggies. Then our favorite auntie gave Ben a shirt that was more our style (a bit off color and certainly funny).

    It turns out that she paid over $30 (plus tax and shipping) for the shirt. This to me was outrageous, and I searched for similar styles only to find that thirty dollars was not uncommon. And while I found plenty of places that offered cool baby shirts, the search left me wanting more and for less. From this internet search, an idea was hatched.

    Our very first Sandbox Threads' onesie.


    New babies sleep quite a bit, and during naptime this "stay-at-home" dad had plenty of time to draw up plans for an online business. Over the course of the next few months, Sandbox Threads was born, and with the pieces in place, opened on March 15, 2007.

    Our hope is to offer hip, yet affordable, designs for babies, toddlers, kids (and now adults too). Additionally, we want to take whatever level of success that we experience with Sandbox Threads, and give back a portion of our sales each month to a "cause." Each month 5% of Sandbox Threads sales will be donated to deserving non-profits.

    Finally, I am a southern boy, and as my "mamaw" would say, I don't need to "get too big for my britches," so if you have a comment or suggestion, please do let me know.

    Thank you and Happy Shopping!


    The Dad of Sandbox Threads